Mrs. Sanders’ Corner


     Wow!  The kids did such a terrific job on Friday!  They were fabulous!

Thanks to all of you for coming!  What a great show and fun way to get into the holiday spirit!

     We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are ready for busy week.  We are continuing our conversation of wants versus needs.  We are wrapping up our Mexico traditions and headed to Europe to learn about their holiday traditions.  We are also finding out that there are many different versions of the Gingerbread man.

      Along with that we are talking about hard working vowels and practicing out CVC words.  We will continue working on subtraction and look for the patterns in math fact families.

   The last day to drop something off to the classroom for the Humane Society will be this Monday, December 17th. Thanks to everyone who has already dropped off items.  We appreciate your generosity.

    With the weather changing, please be sure to label and layer clothing.  We also know that the holiday season can be fun-filled and hectic, be sure to get lots of rest, eat healthy and drink lots of water!


Laura Sanders

Monday, December 10

  • Count how many days until Christmas.  Show how many using tally marks.   
  • Home reading log/return

Tuesday, December 11

  • Draw a picture of a character from The Gingerbread man.
  • Home reading log/return

Wednesday, December 12

  • Practice writing “an” family words
  • Home reading log/return

Thursday, December 13

  • Search for number words in a magazine or newspaper.  Find five.
  • Home reading log/return

Friday, December 14

  • Home reading log/return
  • Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express

Practice words

1. can

2. fan

3. man

4. pan

5. ran

6. tan

7. van

8. run

9. fast

10. gingerbread


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner


  This week we will continue traveling around the globe and learning about different cultures.  We will also be writing a wish list for Christmas and making different Santa crafts.

  We will also be preparing for our St. Nicholas program on Friday.  The show starts at 2:00, but we suggest an earlier arrival time so you can park and get a good seat.  Please send your child in blue bottoms the day of the performance and their regular uniform shirt. They will be changing into their performance shirts the day of the show.  (We will have them here in our classroom.) 

  The students return to our classroom after the performance and are dismissed from there.

Humane Society – beginning tomorrow 12.3 and running through 12.17 the lower school will be collecting donations for the Humane Society. Each year we choose a charity to give to. We are collecting wet food, hay, chew toys, towels, and blankets. Items can be gently used – they do not need to be new. All donations will be delivered Tuesday afternoon of the 18th. Thank you for considering making a donation.

  We are looking forward to a terrific week!

Laura Sanders

Monday, December 3

  • Play the in /out game with someone.  Take five pennies.  Put some in one hand and guess how many are in the other hand.  Move to 10 pennies.
  • Home reading log/return

Tuesday, December 4

  • Draw a picture of yourself as an elf.
  • Home reading log/return

Wednesday, December 5

  • Practice writing color words.
  • Return library book
  • Home reading log/return

Thursday, December 6

  • Practice singing your songs for St. Nicholas.
  • Home reading log/return

Friday, December7

  • Home reading log/return
  • Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner                       


We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with delicious food, wonderful people and great memories!

  Now, we are headed into the crazy time of year!  We will be learning about how children around the world celebrate. We have all kinds of fun things planned and we will continue working on our reading skills, math skills and writing!

  St. Nicholas Day Performance  12/7

You won’t want to miss this performance! Please mark your calendars for this very special day. The show starts at 2:00, but I would suggest getting to school by 1:30 to get a parking spot and your seats. It’s going to be a wonderful show. After the performance you can pick up the kids back at the classroom for dismissal.

  Holiday Giving

  In December,  St. Michael’s choses a charity to support.  This year we have elected to help the Humane Society. Many of our students have pets at home and can relate to the needs of animals. Each classroom will be accepting the following items: wet food, towels, blankets, hay, and chew toys. The items can be for dogs, cats, and bunnies. This does not have to be an expensive item and it is absolutely voluntary!! The Humane Society donation drive runs from December 3rd – December 17th. I will be delivering all donations on the afternoon of Tuesday the 18th. Thank you for considering helping us provide comfort to animals who do not yet have a home.

  Looking forward to a great week!

Laura Sanders

Monday, November 26

  • Draw a picture of your favorite part of your Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Home reading log

Tuesday, November 27

  • Make a list of three things you like to do.
  • Home reading log/return

Wednesday, November 28

  • Practice writing your abc’s in your best penmanship.
  • Home reading log/return
  • Return library book

Thursday, November 29

– Sing and dance with a stuffed animal for 2 minutes

  • Home reading log/return

Friday, November 30

  • Home reading log/return
  • Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner 


Happy Thanksgiving!

  (Hard to believe it is already here!)

  This week is a short week as we only have school on Monday and Tuesday. KA & KB will be having a Thanksgiving celebration on Tuesday from 10:00-11:15. We will be rotating through stations in small groups as we make crafts, play games, and eat pumpkin bread! Feel free to join us!

There is no homework this week! Please continue to make reading a part of your nightly routine:-)

  I would like to take this opportunity and thank you all.

You are remarkable parents!!  You are hard-working, supportive, and generous.

We are grateful to be working with such a great community!

Enjoy your holiday, make some memories and have a great time!


Laura Sanders and Tracy Walrath


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner

November 13, 2017

  We will be collecting canned foods through the rest of this week!  Thank you for your generosity!

   This week, we will be focusing on all things Thanksgiving! The kids will be learning about the pilgrims and their journey to America on the Mayflower, how the Wampanoag people helped the pilgrims plant food and build houses, making placemats for Thanksgiving, and they will also be writing about something they are grateful for!

  Next week KA & KB will have their annual Thanksgiving celebration. We will be rotating through both classrooms in small groups as we learn symbols of the Wampanoag, play math games, make crafts, and eat some pumpkin bread. You are welcome to join in the fun if you’d like. It will be next Tuesday, November 20th.


       Report cards will come home this Friday. 

       We use a grading system of 1, 2, and 3.

1 = needs improvement (your child is still working on understanding the skill/concept).

2 = satisfactory (your child fully understands the concept/skill and is demonstrating appropriate problem solving).

3 = excelling (your child has mastered the skill/concept and can relate it to other subject areas).

  Please make sure you congratulate your child on all their hard work! They have been doing a wonderful job and should feel good about their effort!

  It is going to be a wonderful week!

Thanks so much for your help and support!

Laura Sanders

Tuesday, November 13

  • Write a list of what you would bring with you on the Mayflower. You may use kinderspelling and pictures.
  • Home reading log/return

Wednesday, November 14

  • Practice our new sight words: For, and, here, go.
  • Draw your favorite breakfast.
  • Return library book
  • Home reading log/return

Thursday, November 15   

  • Count how many socks you have.  How many pairs is that?
  • Home reading log/return

Friday, November 16

  • Home reading log/return
  • Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner   


   Buckle your seat belts, because if you thought school was fast moving before; now it gets really crazy! Last week, we introduced our math books and the class loved them!  This week we are going to be wrapping up our first trimester.

       Lots of things going on….

Thank you so much for coming out and supporting our car wash fundraiser for the Community Food Bank. In two hours we raised $618- that is amazing!!  To make things even sweeter, TEP is matching our funds – WOW! I hope your child had fun and got a glimpse of what it means to give your time and energy to a good cause. We will be continuing to collect canned food for the next two weeks. Please drop off any canned items to our classroom between now and Monday, November 19th. Over the next several weeks, we will be discussing wants versus needs, the idea of giving and acknowledging what we are truly grateful for.

Our Canned Food Drive begins this Monday! Any non-perishable items will do. The drive begins 11/5 and ends 11/19. The canned items our class brings in will be added to our car wash proceeds! Some of the canned food items will go to the community food bank and some will be placed in our St. Michael’s pantry!

Special thanks to Rich Reed and Jerry Murray from the Rincon Valley Fire Department who taught our kids about fire safety! They were amazing!! The kids got to practice a fire drill, stop/drop/cover/roll, use the hose, and walk through the inside of the fire truck.

Friday – Field Day – Half Day

This Friday is our annual Field Day where our entire school spends the morning outside together rotating through team building games and activities. It’s a lot of fun! Please put sunscreen on your child before they come to school and make sure they bring their water bottle & hat.  We will dismiss at 12:00.

Happy Veteran’s Day! There is no school next Monday 11.12.18 in honor of all those who have served in our military.  It is also grading day for teachers.

Monday, November 5

  • Count all the spoons and forks.  How many are there “IN ALL”?

  Reading log

Tuesday, November 6

  • Try to write 5 “it” words.
  • Reading log and return

Wednesday, November 7

  Write who your favorite team is and why?

  • Reading log and return

Thursday, November 8

  • Count how many teeth you have. 
  • Be helpful and clear the table after dinner.
  • Home reading log/return

Friday, November 9 Field day! Half day! Noon Dismissal 

  Reading log and return

  Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner


This is going to be a very exciting week!

Wednesday Halloween Party 1:45-2:45 /

Parade 2:45

Wednesday (10/31) will be our Halloween Party and Parade. Students may wear their costume to school as long as it is comfortable and they can play, run, jump, and are not limited in any way. Your child will still need to wear comfortable sneakers to school. If your student has a mask, they will only be permitted to wear it for the Halloween School Parade that starts at 2:45. Please feel free to come to school with camera in hand to get pictures. We will be walking through the entire school so that students have a chance to show off their costumes! Our class Halloween Party will be from 2:00-2:45. A special thanks goes out to our room parents for all the work they have done in preparation for our special day!

Friday Fire Safety with Rincon Valley Fire

Captain Rich Reed and crew will be here on Friday from 8:30-10:00 to teach our students about the work firefighters do and how to be fire wise! Your homework next week will require you and your child to create an escape plan, draw a map, and count the number of smoke alarms in our house.


We will be moving into our first grade math curriculum (McGraw Hill My Math) on Monday. We have spent the first 40 days preparing them for this next step and I’m happy to say that everyone is ready to go! I am really looking forward to introducing it to the kids on Monday. They are gonna love it.

Kindergarten Car Wash Saturday, November 3rd  9:00-11:00

We will be holding our annual kindergarten car wash next Saturday. All proceeds go to the community food bank. We hope to see you there!


Ms.Sanders’ Corner


We had such a blast at Sabino Canyon. Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers who made it all possible. The day couldn’t have been more perfect!

Thanks to Eli’s mom Jennifer for decorating the classroom! It looks so festive in our room. Bats, spiders, cob webs oh my!

National Day of Writing!

    In honor of the National Day of Writing, our school participated in writing a haiku, a Japanese form of poetry. There are three lines in a haiku. The first line consists of 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the third line 5 syllables.  Look for them to be displayed on a bulletin board.

Important Calendar Dates

10/31 – Halloween Party 1:45 / Parade 2:45

11/2 – Rincon Fire Department visits St. Michael’s Kindergarten

11/3 – Community Food Bank Kindergarten Car Wash at St. Michael’s

11/5 – Canned Food Drive Begins

11/9 – Half Day (dismiss at 12:00). Field Day 8:00-12:00!

11/12 – No School – Veteran’s Day Observed

11/19 – Canned Food Drive Ends

11/20 – Kindergarten Thanksgiving Celebration

11/21 – 11/25 – No School Thanksgiving Break!

Please mark your calendars for the Kindergarten Car Wash November 4th!! Our kindergarten students will be holding a car wash here at St. Michael’s on Saturday November 3rd from 9:00-11:00. This is our way of giving back to the community as all proceeds go to the Community Food Bank. TEP will be matching our funds, doubling the amount we raise! Please mark your calendar and be ready to roll up your sleeves and wash cars for a good cause! We are looking forward to seeing you there! Invite as many people as you can to come get their car cleaned. We will be accepting both cash and canned food donations at the car wash!

Monday, October 22

  • Draw a picture of your favorite part of Sabino Canyon field trip

  Reading log and return

Tuesday, October 23

  • Tell the story of the three little pigs to someone in your family.  Which ending did you choose?
  • Reading log and return

Wednesday, October 24

  • Practice spelling color words.  Use color to write them.

    (ROY G. BIV)

  • Reading log and return

Thursday, October 25    

– Sing “I’m a little pumpkin” to a lovie.

  • Reading log and return

Friday, October 26

  Reading log and return  Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express


October 15, 2018       

Mrs. Sanders’ Kindergarten Class

  We hope everyone enjoyed their fall break!  We are diving right back in.  This week, we are discussing our desert.  We will discuss the plants and what they need, what kind of habitats animals live in, and what our desert looks like.  

  This Tuesday we will be going to Sabino Canyon where we will learn about desert animals and their habitats. This is a wonderful hands on learning experience that the kids will love! We will be taking our lunches to Udall Park immediately following our field trip where the kids will have a chance to eat and play! We will depart St. Michael’s at 8:30 and will return no later than 12:30. It’s gonna be a GREAT day! Don’t forget to dress your child in a red shirt, jeans and sneakers. Please apply sunscreen before dropping your child off at school and make sure to write your child’s name on their booster/car seat and leave it on the bench outside our classroom. Thanks!

  Halloween October 31st – students may come to school in their costume but will not be able to wear accessories (masks, wings, crowns etc) until our parade at 2:45. Students will still need to wear comfortable shoes with their costume as we have PE that morning. Our class party begins at 2:00 then we will lead the parade from 2:45-3:00. It’s a wonderful day – so much fun!

Fire Safety Day with Rincon Valley Fire November 2nd – Captain Rich Reed and crew will be coming to St. Michael’s to teach our kindergarten students about fire safety and the work that firefighters do. They will get to practice stay low and go,  – stop, drop, and roll – and take a closer look at the gear firefighters wear. The kids will also get to participate in a bucket brigade!

Homework – This week’s homework is a seed search and chart.  Please have your child investigate around our desert for a variety of different seeds.  See attached paper.

Monday, October 15

-Work on seed project

-Draw your favorite time of day.

-Return reading log

Tuesday, October 16

-Work on seed project

-Listen to the night sounds. 

Can you name three different sounds?

Try to write them down.

-Return reading log

Wednesday, October 17 

-Work on seed project

-Return reading log

-Return Library books.

Thursday, October 18

-Work on seed project

-Sing your favorite song to your stuffed animals.

-Return reading log

Friday, October 19

-Bring in seed project

-Return Eagle express, and homework.


Happy October!

Mrs. Sanders’ Corner


We had such a blast last week during our STEM project with KA. We identified 9 different types of apples and used our five senses to help us describe them!

This month we will be focusing on plants, seeds, farm animals, and fire safety.

Sight Words: look, this, is, like.

Letters: Aa, Hh, Nn, Rr.

Science: leaves, Autumn, temperature, wind.

Math: counting, organizing data, surveys, 2D/3D shapes.

Language Arts: sounding out unknown words, syllables, using descriptive words (adjectives), comparing characters, and using detail in our illustrations.

Author of the Month: Eric Carle.

Progress reports will go home this Wednesday. Look for them inside the Eagle Express. These progress reports inform you about the first 30 days of school, focusing on your child’s strengths as well as any areas that need improvement. Please let me know if you have any questions about your child’s report.

We have all the drivers we need for Sabino Canyon on October 16th! There is still a spot or two left for volunteers to ride along if you’re interested. Please make sure you leave your child’s booster/car seat on the bench outside our classroom with their name written on it. On a side note, Mrs. Sanders and I are not child passenger safety technicians! If you would like to make an appointment for your 5 point harness car seat to be inspected please call one of the following organizations:

 Pima County Sheriff’s Department 351-4615

 Tucson Fire Department 837-7092

 Tucson Medical Center

Car seat check 324-2783

C.A.P.P. Children Are Priceless Passengers Program 324-5604

 Tucson Police Department 837-7232



Important Upcoming Dates

10.3 – Progress Reports Go Home

10.8-10.12 – Fall Break

10.16 – Sabino Canyon Field Trip

10.31 – Halloween Party (2:00-2:45) & Parade (2:45-3:00)

11.2 – Rincon Valley Fire Visits Kindergarten 9:00 am

See you Monday. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Laura Sanders





Monday, October 2

  • Draw a picture of the your street.  (Include your house.)
  • Return reading log

Tuesday, October 3

  • What is your favorite store? 
  • Write a sentence why you like it.
  • Return reading log

Wednesday, October 4

– Practice reading and spelling our sight words: look, like, is, this.

  • Return reading log

Thursday, October 5      

  • Count how many doors do you have in your house? 
  • Help set the table.
  • Return reading log

Friday, October 6

  • Return reading log

– Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express