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Happy Last Week!

  It is hard to believe it is the last week of kindergarten!  We are so proud of these kids!  We are looking forward to celebrating on Friday at our promotion.

Wednesday 5./22  We will be headed to Playformance for our end of year class party from 9:00–11:00. This is such a wonderful way to finish out the year!  We will be eating a pizza lunch on the patio after we play! 

Friday 5/24 will be our Kindergarten promotion in the Smith Parish Center from 8:10-9:15. Please drop off your child to the classroom as usual (between 7:45-8:00) and then go grab a seat. Your child should be looking their best! We will be in the Smith Parish Center from about 8:10-8:45 and then ending with a closing ceremony in the classroom from 8:45-9:15. Refreshments will be held in the labyrinth following our celebration – this is a great time to take photos with friends and teachers and say your goodbyes before heading into summer break.

Thank you so much for sharing your children with us this year!  We are so blessed!  We thank you for being so supportive, kind and thoughtful!  We look forward for continuing this great partnership!


Laura Sanders

Tracy Walrath


Ms.Sanders’ Corner



  I hope you enjoyed a wonderfully day!  You are doing an amazing job!  We appreciate all you do!

     This Thursday is our kindergarten play, The Runaway Tortilla. The kids will get to practice in their costumes with sets this week – very exciting. The play will be in the Smith Parish Center starting at 2:30. It’s only about 15-20 minutes long. We are so proud of them! I hope you will be able to join us.

     This Friday is Art Expo! You won’t want to miss it. It starts at 5:30 and there will be food and beverages available.  The student’s art work is displayed all around the school.  Ms. Allen could use some volunteers to help her hang up the art.  If you can help, please email her or stop by her room to let her know you are available.

   This week will be the last week for home reading. All reading logs and books will be collected this Friday. There will not be anymore homework. Summer packets will be handed out next week. It is strongly encouraged that you pace your child to complete the packet before the fall. It provides great review of concepts we’ve learned and provides students with writing opportunities.

     Kindergarten Celebration – Friday May 24th at 8:00. This is our last day together in kindergarten and we will be celebrating your child and all the work they have done this year! Our celebration begins in the Smith Parish Center at 8:10 (please drop off your child to the classroom between 7:45-8:00 and go find a seat). Closing ceremonies will be held in the classrooms. We will be done by 9:15. You will then be able to take your child home and begin your summer break! So exciting!!!

Final report cards will be mailed to you in June.

Have a super day!  Laura Sanders


Ms. Sanders’ Corner

Hang in there!

May 6, 2019

    We are looking forward to another great week!  We have a secret project underway. (Think Mother’s Day)  The Harp Trio is coming to visit our Kindergarten on Wednesday and we will also be watching the chariot races that the upper school will be participating in, and it is also a half day.  There is after care available.  The teachers will be participating in professional development. 

   We will be continuing to talk about blends and syllables, continuing 3D shapes and the ocean.  Should prove to be a busy week.


May 16th 2:30 Runaway Tortilla Parish Center

May 17th 5:30 Art Expo

May 22nd KA & KB Class Party Playformance 8:30-12:00

May 24th Kindergarten Promotion 8:00-9:30


Laura Sanders


Ms. Sanders’


April 29, 2019

Love our friends!

Crazy that we are heading into May!

We had a great time at the Symphony. The Kindergarten did a remarkable job!  And the bus ride was fun as well!  This week we will be starting our Ocean unit! Should be really fun.

We are continuing with shapes, money and time. We are also beginning to review addition and subtraction!  WOW!


Half Day 5/8 is a Half Day for students. We will dismiss at 12:00. After care is available. Faculty will be attending an inservice.

Runayay Tortilla 5/16  The play will be in the Smith Parish Center starting at 2:30. The students will be putting on quite the show for you. The running time will be about 15 minutes. We will have time for pictures afterwards. We hope you enjoy the version of the gingerbread man and admire all the work they have put into rehearsing lines and learning the songs.

Art Expo 5/17 You won’t want to miss our art expo coming up. Each student will have their work displayed throughout the school.  There is also an auction in which each class at St. Michael’s will have an item for sale. Hope to see you all there!

Kindergarten Promotion 5/24  On our last day of school (May 24th) we have our kindergarten promotion which lasts about 90 minutes. We will start in the Smith Parish Center for presentations by our students and then end in our classrooms for closing ceremonies. We ask that on this day your child dress their best. Ties, slacks, dresses, skirts, button ups are all welcome!! It’s a short day, but a beautiful one in which we get to honor and cherish your child. If you have any questions please let me know. I can’t believe its only 4 weeks away!


Ms. Sanders’ Corner


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter KB! I hope that everyone is enjoying time with family and friends.

Happy Earth day!

  In celebration of Earth Day each student will be making a paper mache planet Earth this week!! We will be talking about the continents, water, and gravity. We will also be discussing ways we can take care of our planet. Look for planet Earth to be coming home Friday!

Tucson Symphony Orchestra Field Trip: this Friday (4.26) grades K-2 will be traveling to the Berger Performing Arts Center via school bus to see the TSO in action. No car seats will be needed, nor will we require parent volunteers. This is a student/teacher only field trip – very exciting! We will spend part of this week identifying a variety of instruments and looking at the families of the orchestra.

The Runaway Tortilla: please mark your calendars as the date for our kindergarten show has changed. It will now be Thursday May 16th at 2:30 in the Parish Center. We deeply apologize for the change, but the kids have been so focused on ARF that we really haven’t had much time for our own show. We are making this change for the kids. This is their play and we want to make sure they have enough time to learn their lines, songs, and know their marks. Again, I apologize for the change but the kids are showing us that they need more time. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Have a great day!

Laura Sanders

Ms. Sanders’ Corner


Last week was a huge success!  The Performance of “ARF!”  was wonderful!  The children did a great job!

I was so impressed with the kids – the energy was amazing! “ I keep singing I may be small”! 

This week is a short week. KA & KB will be having an Easter Egg hunt on Wednesday. We will also be focusing on spring activities that incorporate the writing process, blends, and syllables. 2D & 3D shapes will continue to be our math focus!


Ms. Sanders’ Corner


Fine Arts Night

      This week our kids will be making final preparations for our Lower School Fine Arts Night. It will be this Friday 4/12 from 7:00-8:00p.m. Please bring your students to the classroom at 6:30 dressed in their costumes. Every student needs to wear long black bottoms – no shorts or skirts! Ms. Allen is collecting photos of students with their pets (or favorite stuffed animals). She would like to project them on the screen to start the show! You can send a photo to Ms. Allen at kallen@stmichael.net – It’s going to be a wonderful night!

      We are heading into our last week of learning about the different jobs that people do. Our focus will be letters Xx & Qq and /qu/. Blends, topic, main idea, and substituting final sounds to make new words will also be important concepts this week. Time and 3D shapes will be our math focus.

  Last week, we were so fortunate to meet Jennifer Ward.  An author with over 40 books!  She was so interesting!  We loved making the nest building helper! 

Thank you all!

Laura Sanders


Ms. Sanders’ Corner                                                                                     



  WOW!  The Gala was a huge hit!  The Student center was transformed and it appeared that a good time was had by all!

Thank everyone for supporting our school!

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this wonderful weekend.  We are headed into a busy time of year!  We are continuing to be fabulous readers and are working hard on blends.  We are beginning to work on telling time and working with 3D shapes.  We are still chatting about spring and life cycles.  It is exciting to see all the stories that are circular as well! 

  April is busy! Here are a few dates…

April 1st – Jenny Ward the author is coming!

April 5th – Coffee Corner 7:30-8:30 a.m.

April 11th – 5-8 Fine Arts Night 7:00-8:30

April 12th K-3 Fine Arts Night 7:00-8:00 p.m.  (Black bottoms)

  Always an amazing performance!

May 3rd – The Kindergarten presents “The Runaway Tortilla” at 2:15!


Ms. Sanders’ Corner


Hi Everyone!

  What a lovely weekend we had here in Tucson!  I hope everyone had a nice time and was able to enjoy our beautiful spring.

  We are continuing our word families, blends and writing.  We also are still working on graphs, and introducing 3D shapes, fractions and time!

  Also, we are practicing songs for our Fine Arts program!  It should be great!  Ms. Allen has asked that the students all wear long black bottoms. 

Upcoming important dates:

March 29 – Relaxed dress day

March 30 – The Gala!

April 1 – Jenny Ward  Author

April 5 – Coffee corner

April 11 – Fine Arts Night 5-8  7:00 p.m.

April 12 – K-3 Fine Arts Night  7:00 p.m. 

April 18-22 – Easter Break

May 8 – Harp Trio/ Early dismissal

May 17 – Art Expo  5:30-7:30 p.m.

May 24 – Kindergarten Celebration Parish Center 8:10-9:15



Ms. Sanders’ Corner

Happy Spring!

     We had an amazing Love of Reading Week!! The Book Fair was a huge success, we listened to a story with Wilma Wildcat, decorated cookies with the help of cookbook author Jackie Alpers, read our favorite books with friends, and enjoyed a pajama day!   We also had Ms. Stalkfleet’s 3rd grade in our classroom for a trap making project!  Thank you to all our parent volunteers who made last week so spectacular!

     This week is a fairly normal week. We will continue working with base ten (place value) and numbers to 120. Blends, vowel rules, spring, word families, transportation, and jobs that people do will continue to be our focus. We will also begin practicing for our kindergarten play (May 3rd) based on the book The Runaway Tortilla! Scripts, sets, songs, and costumes are all on the horizon for this amazing group!

     Thank you,

Laura Sanders