October 16, 2017

Mrs. Sanders’ Kindergarten Class

We hope everyone enjoyed their fall break!  We are diving right back in.  This week, we are discussing plants and what they need, how that looks in our desert and what kind of habitats they provide for the animals that live here.  We are working on sorting by various attributes and putting groups together.

October 26th,  we are headed to Station 16 for our first field trip.  Please be sure to sign up to drive.

Bring your home reading book everyday!

Monday, October 16

Draw your favorite time of day.

Tuesday, October 17

Listen to the night sounds.  Can you name three different sounds?

Try to write them down.

Wednesday, October 18

Find three different kinds of plants around your house.

Draw them.

Return Library books.

Thursday, October 19

Sing your favorite song to your stuffed animals.

Friday, October 20  Grandparent’s Day

Return Eagle express, and homework.


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner

October 1, 2017

We had a great time working with KB on a STEM project. We identified 8 different types of apples and used our five senses to help us describe them.  We ended up tasting them and making applesauce too!  We will be displaying our project on Grandparent’s Day!

This month we will be focusing on plants, seeds, and farm animals.

This week we will also focus on our communities as well.

Sight Words: look, this, is, like.

Letters: Aa, Hh, Nn, Rr.

Science: leaves, Autumn, temperature, wind.

Math: counting, organizing data, surveys, 2D/3D shapes.

Language Arts: sounding out unknown words, syllables, using descriptive words (adjectives), comparing characters, and using detail in our illustrations.

Progress reports will go home this Wednesday. Look for them inside the Eagle Express. These progress reports inform you about the first 30 days of school, focusing on your child’s strengths as well as any areas that need improvement. Please let me know if you have any questions about your child’s report.

Important Upcoming Dates

10.4 – Progress Reports Go Home

10.9-10.13 – Fall Break

10.20 – Grandparent’s Day

10.23 – Rincon Valley Fire Department visits KA & KB

10.26 – Field Trip to Tucson Fire Station 16 – 9:00-10:00

10.31 – Halloween Party (2:00-2:45) & Parade (2:45-3:00)


Monday, October 2

  • Draw a picture of the your street.  (Include your house.)

Tuesday, October 3

  • What is your favorite store?  Write a sentence why you like it.
  • Bring back your reading log.

Wednesday, October 4

– Practice reading and spelling our sight words:look, like, is, this.

  • Bring back your reading log.

Thursday, October 5

–  Count how many doors do you have in your house?  Help set the table.

  • Bring back your reading log.

Friday, October 6

  • Bring back your reading log.

–  Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express


Sept 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Johnny Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed.

This week, we are discussing Apples! Apples are a great way to study the life cycle of plants and learn more about seasons.  So, with that in mind, we will be graphing apples, painting with apples, counting apples, and eating apples. We are also going to celebrate John Chapman’s (Johnny Appleseed) birthday. That leads us right into Fiction vs Non-fiction.  We will be comparing numbers and playing war.


Monday, September 25

  • Draw a picture of your favorite season.

Tuesday, September 26

  • Count all the windows in your house.
  • Read and return reading log.

Wednesday, September 27

  • Measure how long your bed is using your shoe.
  • Read and return reading log.
  • Return Library book.

Thursday, September 28

  • Count how many dots are on a die.
  • Read and return reading log.
  • Return homework folder and Eagle Express.

Friday, September 29

–  Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express



Mrs. Sanders’ Corner


Happy Autumn!

Wow!  What great people collages everyone did!

I love all the different ideas everyone came up with! Peek in the classroom and see our different friends on the wall

This week we are discussing our continuing our five senses, the start of autumn and colors.

We are getting good at bringing our reading logs back each day.  Let’s keep up the work.


This week’s project is to decorate a Family tree.  Have your child color the tree, then add a leaf, an apple or another object to represent each member of your family.  Label each object for a person in your family.

Monday, September 18

  • Draw a picture of your bedroom.
  • Try to label your bed and door.

Tuesday, September 19

  • Count how many people live on your street.
  • Read and bring in the reading log.

Wednesday, September 20

  • List your favorite kinds of vegetables
  • Read and bring in the reading log.

Thursday, September 21

  • Smell the air early in the morning.  Does is smell different?  How?
  • Read and bring in the reading log.

Friday, September 22

–  Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express

  • Read and bring in the reading log.


Thank you!

Laura Sanders





Mrs. Sanders’  Corner


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend.  We are looking forward to a great week.  We will be exploring our Five Senses, learning about each one and discovering how we use them!

We will be measuring, counting and discussing our thought process

Monday, September 11

  • Have you ever had your hearing tested?
  • Read and return reading log book

Tuesday, September 12

  • How many people in your house wear glasses?
  • Read and return reading log book

Wednesday, September 13

  • Tell your stuffed animals a story.
  • Read and return reading log book

Thursday, September 14

  • Can you skip?
  • Read and return reading log book

Friday, September 15

–  Bring in homework folder and Eagle Express


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner

Sept. 4, 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend.  I enjoyed seeing my family and sharing in my nephew’s wedding celebrations.

This week we will be discussing families and friends and how we are all unique.  We will continue learning about trees and weather.  We will be talking about the life cycle of trees, trying to identify various types and discovering what kind of patterns we can find.

Our parent volunteer sign up will be put up this week.  We ask that you only sign up for one spot a month to give every parent an opportunity to visit.

Friday 9.15

St Mike’s Meet Yourself 5:30-7:30

Wednesday 9.20

Half Day Dismiss at 12:00

Tuesday 9.26

Class Pictures – students wear uniform attire

Wednesday 9.27

Individual Pictures – students wear free dress


Mrs. Sanders’ Corner

August 28, 2017

We had a great first week! Thanks for getting your child to school on time and establishing those important routines.

Thursday 8.31 Curriculum Night 6:00-7:30. 

  This wonderful parent only event will start in our classroom and end in the student center (gym).

Friday 9.1 Half Day dismiss at 12:00.

Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up at 12:00. Your child will not need to bring a lunch, only a snack. Friday is also our first Coffee Corner starting at 7:30 a.m.  Meet in front of the office to chat with friends and grad a cup a joe.

Monday 9.4 Labor Day No School – Have a great long weekend!

Our focus letters for the next few weeks are Mm/Ss, and our sight words are a, I, my, said. Some fun ways to review these letters/words are to write them in sand, model them with clay, or go on a word hunt around the house. We will continue to work on rules, routines, procedures, making friends, and having fun this week!


Self Portrait Paper Cut Out

Before beginning the project, ask your child to describe the color of their eyes and hair. In previous years families have used a variety of materials to complete this project such as beads, buttons, yarn, fabric, glitter, shoe laces, crayons, construction paper etc… Let your child be creative and decorate it anyway they would like. Even though this project will take some parent guidance, remember thatyour child can do most of the cutting, gluing, & coloring! Please make sure your child writes his/her name ON THE BACK of the cut out. Return the finished portrait on Friday.  We will be hanging these cut outs in our classroom. Have fun with this and I look forward to seeing them.

Thank you,

Laura Sanders


Mrs Sanders’ Corner


Our first full week

Hi KA!

Our first day was terrific!  We made a few classroom rules, that really apply to everything!We had a good time and left with smiles!

Academics:  We are focusing on numbers to 20, sorting, patterning and tallying.  We are starting to recognize upper and lowercase letters, holding our pencils correctly, moving left to right and front to back.  In science we are learning all about ourselves, our five senses and colors.  We will also be working on classroom procedures and around our campus.

Blue Homework Folders:  Your child will receive their blue folder on Monday.  The inserts are for practice.  Please keep them inside the folder and inside the plastic sheets. I will add additional inserts throughout the year as we advance academically. Also, please make time every day (approximately 10-15 minutes) to sit down with your child and assist them in completing their homework. They can do all the thinking and physical work required of the assignment, but they may need an adults guidance and patience as well as a quiet work space to think and complete their homework. Remember that the blue folders are due every Friday!


Eagle Express: The Eagle Express is a clear plastic folder that will be sent home every Wednesday. Please empty, initial and return the folder by Friday.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:  I appreciate you all taking the time to meet with me before school.  It is a great way to start our year out on the right foot. Since we already had our conferences, we will not be participating in the P/T conferences scheduled for next week.

Curriculum Night Thursday August 31st 6:00-7:30 pm. We will be covering important information about ways to help your child at home and what to expect throughout the year academically. It’s also a great time to ask questions. This is a parent only event! Curriculum night starts at 6:00 in the classroom. At 6:45 we will head over to the gym for some important closing words from Mrs. Moore.

Solar Eclipse Monday August 21st. The eclipse will take place from approximately 9:15-12:05 in the morning. Student safety is our main concern, therefore K-2 will not be going outside to physically watch the eclipse but we will be streaming it live in our classroom! We also have some fun science experiments that will help our students understand that the moon will be passing in front of the sun starting at the top and making a backwards shape C as it moves across.  Very exciting!

Thank you all!

Laura Sanders



August 16, 2017

Dear Families,

We are so excited for a fabulous year!

The homework for tonight is going to be for the parents…:-)

Please trace your hand and cut it out.  On the cut out hand, write a note to your kindergartener.  Return it tomorrow, Friday.

We are reading The Kissing Hand.  In the story, young Chester is a little apprehensive about going to school.  His mother shares with him the secret of kissing his palm and letting him know he can hold onto that feeling always.  Your notes will be put on our Chester raccoon we will be making in class on Friday.  Your child will know that you are always with them.


Laura Sanders

** I will also be posting this on our blog